Introducing Fractional Technology Leadership at MISSION+

Nick Martin
Mar 29, 2024

In the ever evolving landscape of the modern workplace, the trajectory points unmistakably towards a future where the agility and expertise of independent professionals becomes indispensable. At MISSION+, we recognise the vital role our technical advisors play in catalysing growth and providing strategic direction, especially in today's world where the only constant is change. The future of technology will see companies acknowledging the need for an external workforce who are brought in only as needed and MISSION+ is becoming more deliberate around working with these individuals, to improve our capabilities. 

So which companies are engaging with Fractional leadership?

Whilst traditions are changing, the speed of adoption depends on the Company. Progressive companies are increasingly leveraging this pool of talent to create more adaptable and resilient workforces. 

(If you are interested in exploring this topic further, we suggest you dive into the thinking of Rishad Tobaccowala)

Those from the evolving company mindset have been coming to MISSION+ at various stages in their existence and time of need to access our technical leadership when needed. These people come from startups, scale ups, corporates, venture builders and private equity.

Here we illustrate a simple working model when early stage companies work with our fractional leadership from the ideation stage through to scaling.

So What is the Advantage of Fractional Leadership?

As part of this trend, the concept of 'Fractional Leadership' is taking shape as a preferred model for companies aiming to navigate the complexities of growth without the overhead of full-time executive hires. This model offers businesses access to senior level expertise across critical roles such as a CFO, CMO, CPO or CTO on a part-time or project basis. At MISSION+ we are a local leader in offering fractional technology leadership, offering new access to executives who are becoming more adept in providing niche expertise or advisory on roadmaps, architecture or review of existing teams and ways of working. This type of work doesn’t require a full time commitment, thereby aligning perfectly with the operational dynamics and financial constraints of emerging companies. This allows the Fractional leader to take on a variety of different projects, charting a course of work that is more appealing to them, thereby allowing them to be more motivated for each pillar of work.

What does MISSION+ look for in a Fractional executive?

At MISSION+, we qualify our pool of Fractional Executives by identifying individuals who embody a unique blend of expertise, experience, and adaptability. Specifically, we seek professionals who demonstrate:

  • Profound knowledge and enthusiasm for a specific industry or business sector.
  • Experience as business owners or primary stakeholders.
  • A history of enduring long-term accountability for their strategic advice.
  • Resilience through hands-on experience and overcoming challenges.
  • Experience working within regulated sectors when needed.
  • Versatility in working environments, with experience and understanding of both corporate structures and startup dynamics.

When assessing the experience of technical talent, we position them at the CTO or Head of Engineering levels to offer a variety of seasoning and value. 

In Summary - A Tailored Approach for Emerging and Established Business 

At MISSION+, we understand the unique challenges faced by companies who need additional high level strategic support. In this exciting era of accelerated innovation and transformation - where agility and expertise are paramount - MISSION+ has become a beacon for companies that are evolving how they access and work with technical talent. We are proud to champion the innovative model of Fractional Leadership, providing our clients with an advisory partnership that drives success and sustainable growth. Welcome to the future of work, where together, we redefine possibilities to turn visionary business into tangible success.

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