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The future of coding is no coding at all

- Chris Wanstrath, former CEO of GitHub

Powerful Technology In The Hands of Business Users

The advancement of programming and technology has always been towards accessibility—evolving from the complexity of COBOL and Fortran to user-friendly interfaces and modern frameworks. Today, this evolution has brought us to Low/No-Code platforms (assisted with AI tools)—revolutionising accessibility and bridging the technical divide.

This shift is transformative, especially for non-technical roles like founders and product managers. They can actualise ideas without relying on tech teams, eradicating mismatches and miscommunications. Business teams who create product requirements are now part of development—reducing feedback loops, accelerating development, cutting costs, and getting the product they envisioned.

Now is your chance to embrace this technology and bring your visions to life—whether a new product or an internal tool (no programming skills required).

Low/No-Code Solutions We Can Help With

Legacy systems can hold back your business potential. Utilising the latest in AI and Low/No-Code tools, we can transform your antiquated applications into modern, user-friendly apps. This transition not only revitalises your legacy systems but also significantly enhances usability and accessibility across your organisation, unlocking new levels of operational efficiency and innovation.

Migration of Legacy Systems

Embrace the shift towards user-driven development. We offer services to help you seamlessly transition your existing code-based software and apps to Low/No-Code platforms, paving the way for swifter and more responsive future development.

Development Migrations

Post-development, we empower your team with the necessary skills to effectively maintain and operate your Low/No-Code applications. We bring the true value of Low/No-Code Development to your organisation, enabling your business teams to operate with the efficiency and agility of tech teams.

Comprehensive Training

Whether you're envisioning a new software product or need an internal tool for your operations, we specialise in rapid and precise development on Low/No-Code platforms. Experience the fusion of speed and accuracy in bringing your ideas to life.

Custom Software Development

Consultation and Expertise

With our experienced Fractional CTOs and experts available, we’ll help advise on the most suitable Low/No-Code platform and tailor execution plans that aligns with your budget, feature requirements, and long-term scalability.
Revolutionise your internal tools created by shadow IT. With Low/No-Code solutions, not only do you achieve compliance and security, but you also gain the power to build and innovate independently as business users.

Optimising Shadow IT Tools

How it works

1. Analysis

Begin your Low/No-Code journey with a thorough analysis led by our Fractional CTOs. We delve deep into your objectives, whether it’s launching a new product or enhancing internal operations. Our experts will craft tailored recommendations on tech stacks and team compositions, ensuring your goals are met within your constraints. We also develop a comprehensive execution plan, setting the stage for a successful Low/No-Code implementation.

2. Execution

With the strategy in place, we move into execution. We’ll step in to bridge any skill gaps, complementing your efforts with our expert Low/No-Code developers. This collaborative approach kick-starts your project, ensuring a smooth transition from planning to actual development, all aligned with your vision and objectives.

3. Maintenance/Training

Post-development, we focus on two pivotal approaches to maximise the value of your Low/No-Code platform. The first approach involves integrating our Low/No-Code developers into your business units for ongoing, seamless execution. The second is about empowering your business/product teams through specialised training, enabling them to independently create apps and bring their product ideas to life (no technical skills required).

4. Optimisation

The journey doesn’t end with development. Our final step is optimization, where we explore avenues to further enhance your internal operations. We help you build custom tools using Low/No-Code platforms, ensuring your internal processes are as efficient as possible. Additionally, we assist in developing and refining product features according to your roadmap, optimising your app for peak performance and scalability.

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