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AI is the new electricity — the AI market is poised to explode, growing to $1.3 trillion over the next 10 years. How can it add value to your company?

Case Study

A multinational UAE bank's internal credit spread process relied on analysts manually sifting through financial reports (PDFs) to extract specific information and data points. This time-consuming process took hours of labor and increased the risk of errors.

What we did

We decided to build a new product for them starting with a POC (proof of concept) project. Our solution was to create a software that integrates AI LLMs. The user would insert their PDF financial reports, and the AI would then process the report and automatically extract out the data points that the user is looking for.

The end result

The POC was successful, and we are currently developing the full-scale software for the bank. This full AI solution is expected to save analysts an estimated 400 hours/quarter, significantly upgrading the bank's credit spread process. By automating this manual task, the bank can improve efficiency, reduce errors, and enhance competitiveness. This case study exemplifies how AI can be integrated into organizations to automate processes and drive better outcomes.

How it works

1. Analysis & Design

We start our journey by delving deep into your unique AI-related requirements and challenges. Our team of AI experts then design a bespoke AI product that harmonises seamlessly with your existing infrastructure. 

2. Integration & Migration

We then develop an AI prototype to integrate into systems and assess performance to meet your business case. Eventually we migrate your existing systems so that they are seamlessly integrated with your AI powered application.

3. Repeat & Scale

We can repeat and scale our process across different areas of your business to maximize your savings and performance improvements.

Experts in AI Technologies

We believe in harnessing the power of the best tools in the industry to deliver unparalleled AI solutions. Our expertise spans across a range of leading technologies, including AWS AI Services, Mircrosoft Azure AI, and Google Cloud .

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