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May 2021
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Business context
Two founders from Entrepreneur First saw the opportunity to help hotels improve their energy efficiency and operational productivity. Today, their solutions are deployed in hotels around the world including the Marriott & Hyatt
Hotels are one of the biggest victims of poor energy efficiency. Unlike most buildings, they face barriers to existing solutions that are not only costly but also massively disruptive to install.
SensorFlow enables buildings to optimise energy consumption through retrofitted IOT solutions. The actionable insights from data collected via their advanced IoT devices results in an increase in the building's overall productivity and efficiency.

Scaling the software for a team that’s building energy optimisation solutions.

SensorFlow got in touch with us at MISSION+ in early 2021. Critical to the success of this project was understanding and identifying the right group of engineers that had expertise in working on projects of a similar nature and providing engineering support building upon their current stack which consisted of:

  • Hundreds of IOT Devices that would communicate with one another, sending large numbers of event data everyday.
  • Multiple Backend Services that provided data ingestion and presentation capabilities
  • A web app that was designed to streamline a hotel operators ability to effectively manage the energy consumption within their buildings

With the right candidates in place, we onboarded and embedded ourselves into the culture and process that currently shape SensorFlow today. Our ability to rapidly integrate ourselves allowed us to quickly start shipping and providing value to SensorFlow. A UX/UI designer was also engaged to ensure the right designs and workflows were shipped, thereby allowing the engineering team to work on implementing them on the platform.

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At MISSION+, we pride ourselves on our ability to build up engineering teams from scratch in a very short amount of time. In the case of SensorFlow, it was critical they didn’t lose a clear momentum that they have in shipping their product features. Our streamlined selection process allowed us to quickly identify the kind of talent SensorFlow needed to support them with their product roadmap plans.



Having the right candidate joining a team is paramount to us as it highly impacts the value we create for a client. Our Selection process started with having one of our Senior Technical Advisors internalise SensorFlow’s technical vision and engineering culture, which allowed us to identify the right type of engineering profile that could thrive and continuously bring value to SensorFlow.



As an additional layer of engineering management support, we also provide technical advisory. With SensorFlow, our Senior Technical Advisor provided input around various topics such as Architectural Reviews, Team Management and Backlog Management. This allowed SensorFlow to focus on more critical aspects of the business whilst we focused on ensuring high quality management of operations.


Supporting smart energy leaders and helping them scale faster.

Integrating into Sensorflow is one of our many staff augmentation examples that we are proud to showcase. For more information on how you can add developers to your team, please reach out to us.