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Nick Martin

CEO & Co-Founder

Nick started his career with Citigroup and is currently the CEO of MISSION+. Prior to MISSION+, Nick was a Co-founder of Yolopay (now Canvas), the first non bank issuer of prepaid debit cards in Singapore which was acquired by Singapore Life in 2018. From there he joined the Investment Team at Reapra, a Singapore-based investor where he developed a pre-seed investment focus for South East Asia. 

Today at MISSION+ Nick provides strategic guidance and support to clients, ensuring that they have access to the great technology teams they need to succeed in the competitive world of technology building.

Ned Lowe

CTO & Co-Founder

Ned Lowe is the CTO of MISSION+, where he helps interesting people build interesting products using nearshore development teams. He is passionate about building tech teams and reducing complication in the product development process until it is "Uncomfortably Simple".

Previously, Ned was the Chief Technology Officer of Singlife, a Singapore based digital insurer. He began his career in the banking sector at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. After spending 12 years working in equity and fixed income trading technology, he was bitten by the startup bug and moved into FinTech, setting up his own SaaS firm, Argomi. Ned then joined Amazon Web Services to help financial institutions with their digital transformation strategy.

As a co-founder and CTO of MISSION+ he brings world leading experience to clients, empowering you to build the successful products of tomorrow according to your vision.

Laura Crennan


Laura’s experience hails from Australian, British and Singaporean markets, having worked with major consultancy PwC and global retail brands Unilever and Kingfisher plc. Most recently, she led CFO services at entrepreneurial support services platform, Sleek, enhancing her understanding of the particular conditions that startup founders are operating within.

She leverages her decade of experience across accountancy and financial services to support MISSION+ and the innovators we work with, not just to launch new technology products, but also as a guide on the path to grow sustainably.

Lavanya Kalyanakrishnan

General Counsel

Lavanya was previously the Head of Legal at Singlife in 2019 (where she worked closely with Ned Lowe, MISSION+'s current CTO and Singlife’s former CTO) to be part of Singlife's journey in acquiring Aviva Singapore in 2020.   

She brings a decade of legal experience across Singapore and India to Mission+. She will counsel and drive legal strategy and enable your business to navigate through any corporate, commercial and regulatory hurdles; and operational blockers to optimum solutions. 

Alexandre Biediger

Fractional CTO

Alex is a seasoned professional with a diverse background in technology and product development. He has worked with numerous companies across Europe and Asia, from start-ups to large corporations such as Accenture and LVMH. He is a pragmatic and people-focused leader who is experienced in successful business strategies for every stage of growth. 

With this expertise Alex allows MISSION+ to transform your tech and team into a driving force that will enable you to make your business vision a reality.

Vanessa Yeo

Community Manager

Vanessa has extensive experience in branding. During her time at creative agencies, she developed brand strategies and designed user experiences for industry leaders such as Procter & Gamble, LinkedIn, Singapore Airlines, and Frasers Property. 

As part of MISSION+, she focuses on building and engaging communities to communicate brand stories.

Rain Franc

Mission Control

Rain has a decade-long experience across design and multimedia services, specialising in sales, marketing, entertainment, and technology for global markets.

She brings her passion for innovation and understanding of market needs to support MISSION+ in helping companies solve problems with creative cutting edge digital solutions.

Ali Jumabhoy

Interim Special Projects Lead

Ali brings significant experience from the startup ecosystem. Having been a founder, joiner, investor, and builder, Ali is passionate about new ideas and ways of doing things. His experiences are also cross-vertical and international with particular area focus on Southeast Asia, South Asia, and the MENA region. 

Now, Ali helps in expanding MISSION+ by connecting with new clients and looking at new business areas.

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